When you show you care, they remember

In the Hospitality industry, a customer’s experience is the company’s brand. However, even the most eloquently written and beautifully decorated and displayed hospitality philosophy lays barren without being ingrained in its staff’s daily interactions with the guests. A hospitality company’s well-trained service force being its most lucrative asset—gaining customer loyalty, repeated business, and positive word-of-mouth; the ROI from training in the hospitality industry is more loudly evident than in any other industry.

Despite the markedly diverse workforce scattered throughout the skill scale-both academic and vocational-the guests see the entire staff as a single unit representing the organization’s culture and values. Therefore, a good part of the KS’s training strategy for the Hospitality industry aims at driving consistency in the customer experience across service roles. The training includes Basic Communication Skills imbibing the company-specific interaction protocols, Diversity training to acknowledge and thwart latent stereotypes to work cohesively with a diverse group of peers and entertain guests from divergent backgrounds, and Safety and Security training to responsibly take control of a grim situation without adding to the chaos and panic while keeping the guests’ safety paramount.

Here, we share some of our insights and experiences of the evolving focus and practices within the industry.

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