Competency Mapped Simulation Platform 

is a KPI-driven comprehensive Simulated Learning and Performance Cloud (SLPC) designed to disrupt the common learning and performance barriers like disengaged employees, failure of transfer of knowledge, low retention, and plateaued job performance.

allows internal Subject Matter Experts or Instructional Designers to use their tacit knowledge of the product(s), procedures, and the team’s learning needs to build a learning solution that is just right for their company’s business needs, without straining their training budget.

creates simulations with infinite branches to form a custom learning path based on the learner’s response patterns. Its proprietary multi-competency mapping algorithm generates deep insights into the learner’s existing behavior and knowledge. The analysis not only helps the employee enhance their performance but also provides insights into the optimum utilization of the employee’s competencies.

lends itself to customization with design elements like company logo and industry or company-specific backgrounds and characters to personalize the simulations. The library provides a selection of templates and interactivities to create a richer user experience.

While addresses the contemporary learners’ requirement of micro-units of instant learning with maximum applicability to their specific jobs and provides them a safe environment to practice their skills, it also increases ROI and drives business efficiency for the organization by identifying and closing the existing skill-gap.

is a Simulated Learning and Performance Cloud (SLPC), which means no downloading, no need to install and update software applications on multiple computers, or worry about security and compliance issues. is available on the cloud for access from any device, anytime.

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