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Employee Health and Safety Trainings Case Study

How Health and Safety trainings are vital in the face of modern threats? |

The year of the Rat sure didn’t get off to the most encouraging start, owing to the corona virus outbreak. With more than 24,03,963 infected cases, out of which 6,24,698 have successfully recovered and the death toll reaching over 1,65,229 so far, lockdown and travel restrictions are in place in over 40+ countries and plant closures mounting, the Global trade, commerce, tourism, investment and supply chains have taken a massive hit. Industries have shifted its base by continuing business operations via the Work-from-home method.

The pandemic also brought to the forefront certain important factors that may have been overlooked when it comes to employee safety guidelines. It has forced all organizations to rethink its employee health safety guidelines and make some amends to it.

Why is Health and Safety important in the workplace?

Health and Safety is and has been the subject of several laws and regulations. Failure to comply with the established laws renders companies and individuals liable to prosecution. The health and safety laws protect the well-being of employees, employers and customers. If these individuals are taken care of, then there is no room of doubt that a business will flourish. Workplaces which neglect health and safety call upon themselves reduction in profitability and risk prosecution.

All industries usually have in place a set of safety guidelines but the management isn’t usually able to devote sufficient time to formulate, strategize and constantly update the precautions that employees must take. For instance, after the COVID-19 outbreak in China and Italy, organizations could have introduced precautions like the use of sanitizers and training programs on the importance of washing hands.

Such early steps could have helped them better equip themselves for the lockdown that was to be imposed later. Thus, ensuring no disruption of business operations and also improving their productivity amidst the pandemic.

How can Good health and safety be promoted in the current and post-COVID scenario?

It is important to note that even in this time of social distancing, when employees are not physically present in the company premises, the employers are bound to provide them with adequate material to ensure employee safety. This ensures that the staff looks after their health even while at home and maintains its productivity.

This can be accomplished through various online methods of learning which aren’t restricted to MCQs or ILTs. With every passing second, new technologies are being developed to enhance human interactions. These courses and trainings can be created even when we are following Social Distancing. Here’s how this can be done so.

How has Knowledge Synonyms (KS) contributed to creating better Employee Safety Programs?

Even before the outbreak, Knowledge Synonyms took its Employee Health Safety guidelines very seriously and took charge of creating Safety training courses for leading learning companies worldwide.

To ensure that users remain constantly engaged in the training they undertake, special care was taken in the creation of vital courses on Employee Health, Travel, Electrical and Chemical Safety. Topics like Hazard awareness, Preventive measures, Effects of Accidents etc. were also designed to suit the needs of different clients.

Moderate interactive training programs that create awareness on health safety amongst their employees were conceptualized; these were then converted to full-fledged courses. The courses used ILTs, VILTs, AR VR experiences and simulations. To make these programs even more interesting, highly interactive and engaging games were designed using latest programs.

Within the client specified framework of branding guidelines and images, the KS Team handled the entire process- from storyboarding to creation of a new, user-friendly graphic user interface (GUI) creation, rapid development to QA and deployment of courses on client LMS.

These courses were divided into various topics and included Pre-tests and post- tests after each section to ensure clarity and check the knowledge retention on the learners. For instance, the safety training courses created included topics like kitchen sanitization, food borne illnesses, allergic reactions and physical health.

How these courses have benefited our clients?

The end result was a set of fully responsive courses compatible with all devices which facilitated seamless integration of on-the-go learning.

Today, our clients are able to:

  • Use these unique interactive and engaging trainings to increase awareness among its workforce.
  • Reduction in time spent on these courses
  • Improved the completion rates and knowledge retention
  • Constantly update these trainings depending on the changing scenarios


As COVID-19 continues to spread, it has become difficult to predict the end of the pandemic. Employers are unsure of how long this situation will continue. So, till such time that things settle down. It is important for organizations to create courses to address employee health safety concerns and other aspects. By investing in safety improvements, you show your employees how important their safety is to you and also earn their loyalty.

To help you achieve this, the KS team brings together its ideas to conceptualize trainings according to your needs. It utilizes the best resources to create interactive and engaging programs using the latest technological methods. By investing time and resources you show your workforce that you care for their safety and well-being.

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