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Reduce costs and improve Human capital using Competency-based branching simulation assessments and Easy to use KPI-oriented branching algorithm

Current trends in the training and development industry show a radical shift to adopting more intelligent learning systems into the learning ecosystem with buzzwords like- Game-based learning, situational-based learning, and simulation-based learning. Such a trend suggests the demand for active, user-focused learning that instills learners the experience of performing tasks thereby enhancing their professional set of skills needed for success in current and future roles.

Global Human Capital Trends report 2019* intimated the need for a “radical change” in corporate trainings. There is a need demand for the implementation of greater focus on relevancy, applicability, and an inspirational opportunity for the target groups to learn, practice, and develop their skills alongside their counterparts.

However, organizations face a major challenge when it comes to its choice of learning technology platform. The lack of seamless communication and collaboration between Authors and reviewers while creating simulations, absence of a collaborative digital framework leads to inefficiency, elevated training costs with poor productivity and more importantly, dissatisfied learners.

Where the complex becomes Easy

Knowledge Synonyms is pleased to announce the launch of EasySIM®, a pathbreaking Simulated Learning and Performance Cloud (SLPC) that breaks the trend of investing in trainings that fail to improve performance in any meaningful way.

EasySIM®, a Competency-based branching simulation platform with a proprietary Easy to use branching algorithm. EasySIM® connects branched minds to build together interactive and engaging branching simulations with ease, without any prior programming knowledge on a single collaborative platform at minimal costs.

Build effective simulations that train your employees and assess their performance in Realistic Work Situations. You can integrate these simulation trainings into the organization’s learning ecosystem. Easily create active, user-focused branching simulation trainings that instill in learners the experience for performing tasks thereby enhancing their professional set of skills which are needed for success in current and future roles.

EasySIM®‘s KPI-oriented user-friendly proprietary model directly links learning to job performance, thus accelerating learning, increasing ROI, and driving business efficiency. Its unique algorithm provides a complete and well-rounded Competency-based assessment of the employees’ job-critical skills. Such assessments identify performance gaps by highlighting learners’ strengths and areas of improvement, while also ranking them against company and industry data.

This standalone cloud can be used for soft-skills trainings, applicant screening and performance assessment, employee competencies analysis, and evaluation of training programs using pre and post training skill level analysis.

Learners will be able to monitor their progress and scores with respect to their peers. They can enhance their skills through these simulations while performing everyday professional tasks, thereby improving overall productivity and driving business growth.

*Source:- Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report 2019