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DigitalSkunks Technologies (P) Ltd. and KnowledgeSynonyms Consulting (P) Ltd. Launches DS DIGI Agency |

DS DIGI Agency, DIGI, a full-service, Digital Business Modeling, marketing, and communication agency announces its launch today. The agency, with operation centers in Noida, India; Arvada, USA; and Cologne, Germany will help organizations and business entities to model their business from physical world to digital world. DS DIGI will help them with business modeling, digital footprint development and marketing of products and services globally.

DS DIGI Agency will address the present Epidemic challenge and uncertainty of businesses due to several measures being undertaken by governments. The DS DIGI Agency’s methodology is inspired by Human Experience Design and is powered with AI Analytics and Automation. DS DIGI covers all the bases from website development to SEO, and more. Their services include Identity Creation, positioning, Digital Strategy and Advisory, Cross Channel Communication Management, Social media and Corporate communication, Cross Channel Integration Strategy, Digital Advertising and Marketing, and Digital Commerce Platforms.

About DS DIGI Agency

DS DIGI Agency is founded by Sanjay Katiyar and Manish Gupta with more than two decades of collective experience in helping diverse global organizations and business verticals in Online and Digital business transformation space. The agency has collaborated and developed the best talent teams and expertise to create success and futuristic digital presence for businesses.

“In the digital world, brand is becoming more of a summation of experiences than a mere a name, logo, color scheme, font, or sound bite to remember your product by”. At DS DIGI Agency, we create an integrated, cross-channel wholesomehuman experience that connects the customer to your brand at an emotional and cognitive level and builds a lasting relationship”, said Manish Gupta while discussing his vision for the company.

Sanjay Katiyar further explained, “Prominent digital presence requires meaningful and customer-centric technology and media. Here at DIGI, technology follows your customer’s psyche. We employ AI and IoT apparatus to gain deeper understanding of your buyer’s behavior. We help you spot your target audiences’ intent and preferences and drive your business straight where they are.”

For more information, please visit http://dsdigi.agency/

Media Contact: Yashank Gautam
Phone: +91 120 4984492, +1 970 444 5500
Email: yashg@dsdigi.agency