EasySIM™- All Your Questions Answered

1. What is EasySIM? EasySIM™ is a KPI-driven comprehensive Simulated Learning and Performance Cloud. What it essentially means is that it is a cloud-based platform where Subject Matter Experts or...Read more

EasySIM™ – Simulated Learning and Performance Cloud (SLPC)

Professionals acquire job-relevant skills differently than how they learn a theoretical or academic concept. Current studies on Andragogy (the method of teaching adult learners) show- Adults have a DIY mindset-...Read more

EasySIM™ – Connecting Branched Minds

Reduce costs and improve Human capital using Competency-based branching simulation assessments and Easy to use KPI-oriented branching algorithm Current trends in the training and development industry show a radical shift...Read more

Stay tuned (and get excited)

Conversations with several Industry thought leaders, numerous breakouts, and brainstorming Sessions gave us deep insights into gaps in Performance enhancement practices across businesses. When development initiatives fail, you lose deals,...Read more

Adult Learning Principle 1- Needs Assessment

A principle is the beginning of an action leading to its desired outcomes. In the context of Adult Learning, all the twelve principles are found to be intrinsically related one...Read more

Complexity in training increases learner engagement

In our worlds of instructional design, complexity is often considered to increase cognitive load. So, we training professionals try to make information as simpler as we can. Complexity can be...Read more

Storytelling Instructional Strategy

For thousands of years, storytelling has been the key means of instruction or approach in cultures around the world. In some cultures, storytelling has been the major way to convey...Read more

Improving the value of assessments

“What’s the value of assessments” is a common question often sounded in corporate training discussions. We did a survey with 2,100 recent participants of a corporate training program, about their...Read more