Informed Financial Products Sales by Leveraging Game-based Learning

Customer Size: 32000+ Employees across 58 countries

Country or Region Global

Industry: BFSI

Work Engagement Type: Game Based Learning

Business Need

Our client is a global leader in Banking and Financial services providing life insurance, brokerage services, mutual funds, fund distribution, investment advice, retirement solutions, index funds, wealth management, cryptocurrency, securities execution, and clearance. Commissioned studies revealed that their customer touchpoint associates were finding it increasingly difficult to explain the financial products in simple terms without misguiding the customers. The company paid huge penalties in different countries due to the mis-selling of financial products.

KS Solution

KS conducted a discovery session with client stakeholders to develop a matrix that contained Country, Associate profiles, Customer profiles, and Product descriptions. Once the matrix got populated with basic data, we captured the finer nuances of each of the products like who should pitch this product and whom to pitch using dynamic customer profiling.

An interactive web-based game was developed and deployed on the client’s intranet. It had single-player and multi-player options. On signing in, each player would choose their level based on the proficiency level profiles defined in the game.

An immersive 3D-based virtual walkthrough was developed to mirror the physical settings of the client branch offices. The user progressed in the game by successfully pitching a product as per the situation and customer profile. The complexity of situations and products got higher as the learner moved up in the game. Once the User was proficient and demonstrated accuracy, the system challenged them to play a one-to-one game with a team member from another team. Users could also form teams and play against each other.

Our backend AI engine kept on learning about the user profiles and their behavior while addressing various situations and customer profiles. At the end of the game, deep user analytics with remedial actions was derived.


Post the KS solution deployment, there is a 1.5% drop in litigations filed by the customers. New Product training development cost reduced by 17% as our solution provided a CMS to quickly add, update, or delete user profiles, scenarios, questions, and customer profiles.